Saturday, 25 July 2015

Ma ke haath ka khana

Role of Feminine
From evolutionary point of view,
To cook food that enhances the health of individual families
To raise children who can experience positive emotions (Positive emotions are emotions that a human-system is drawn towards, for example, wonder, joy, courage, love),
are two primary roles that feminine energy is supposed to play in a society.
A society that thinks, "Aurate sirf khana banane ke liye aur baccho ki dekh-bhal karne ke liye paida nahi hui," (Women are not born to cook food and raise children) is a regressive society.
A society that understands that cooking food while preserving its nutrition and raising kids with emotional intelligence are two major roles of an evolving society is a progressive society.
The generations of women who cooked means after meals for their kids are actually unsung heroes of our society. I too am not a good cook, but I truly give 10/10 to women who conditioned their kids to like healthy "Ma ke haath ka khana"

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