Friday, 7 August 2015

Book Over Television

Reading habits of Indians.
Sadly, many people are willing to spend their time and energy in exposing themselves to audio-visual media, but when it comes to readings, Indians are becoming lazier by years. Today I filled a questionnaire by my friend and an avid reader Ritesh Kala who runs the company Read Out Loud. While filling the questionnaire I realized that it's a fact that reading as an Art is losing its significance in our lives, thanks to over exposure to media which over a period of time makes us lose our attention span.
Many people say that they don't read because they don't have time. I find this the lamest excuse not to read. This same people more often than not watches television for extended hours during a day.
If you are actually serious about incorporating the habit of reading in your life, take out half an hour everyday, preferably same time and read a book. Do this for a week, just the way most of the people watch a show around same time every day. You will see changes in your mental capacity. Reading as a habit calms you down, because no matter what you read, the mind has to work independetly on creating the images that are written on paper. That makes reading an active activity, unlike television viewing which is a passive activity.
In my opinion television is to mind what McDonald burger is to body. Yes, it's junk food for mind.
Reading a book will make you more of a mind person (intuitive type) whereas exposure to audio-visual media will make you more of a body person (sensory type)
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