Monday, 21 December 2015

6 Things That Make Me Feel Alive

When I am less histrionic, which is not an everyday event, I know Soul of Universe has blessed me with a beautiful life. It is just that in ruckus of life I often forget to thank Her for blessings she has showered upon me. 

But there are moments when I want to remember what matters. What makes me feel alive!

1- Walk in Nature- Men is petty. If he will go up and up in the sky and see himself from there he will realize he is nothing but another colony of animals that occupy the earth. And yet we give so much importance to our lives. It’s only when I take a walk in nature, I feel connected to this pettiness of my life. I feel happy to be a small tiny part of something that is so magnanimous. The mountains make me realize that in all those trees there must be living small bugs, beautiful creatures, creepy centipedes… 
The vast ocean makes me realize that there will be lacks of fishes swimming in this ocean at this very moment. There is so much to life, and I am so small. I feel as happy with my smallness as a child feels in the arms of her parents. I love my Mother. I love Nature.

2- Reading The Geeta, The Ramayana, and The Mahabharata to my four years old daughter.
It’s said that a child can pick a language without any formal training if the child is exposed to the language before the age of twelve. I want my daughter to learn Sanskrit. I want her to read the most intelligent literature that exists on this planet written by men, in the language it was written in. Nothing religious about this, it's science of wisdom. 

3- Intuitive Writing- I don’t know how many people can say this about their work, that they love their work but I can say that. I love, simply love my work. Many people might say that your work is supposed to be HARD and DIFFICULT and IMPOSSIBLE to achieve. I feel that something that a person is born to do, something that is his DHARMA always comes naturally to him. I have taken a very long route to realize that I am a story-teller. And the moment of this realization occurred when I figured out that I enjoy writing more than I enjoy anything else. That is what work is supposed to be. It is supposed to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of life.

4- Finishing a Book- I say I am a vivacious reader. It’s a lie. I have picked up reading for fun very late in my life. As a matter of fact, I started reading for fun only after I came in college. During my school days, I was one of the top rankers of my class, and in India, unfortunately, this is a class that don’t read OUTSIDE textbooks.
Therefore, I never picked the habit of reading for fun. I read mostly to learn something. Even when I read fiction, I read it with intention of learning the craft. And therefore, one of my personal good moments with a book is when I am done with a book. I won’t say that I never enjoy company of a book. Over year, I have learnt what I enjoy reading and I don’t read the books that torture me for the sake of looking intellectual, but still, I enjoy when I am done with a book, I keep it aside and I think my thoughts that resulted as a result of reading that book.

5- Three Sisters- They say parents are supposed to be most important people for a person in family of origin. In my case, that is not true. The most important people in my family of origin for me are my sisters. It's not that I don't love my parents, but I can't see my life without my sisters and the lovely kids they gave birth to. Our non-stop chattery conversation makes life worth sharing. For each of us, it's like if we have not spoken about something to the other two, we have not lived that moment. 

6- Silent Conversation- And I savor the most special one for last. 
One needs to be around a mindful person to realize the dwarf like life one often lives. This is what I feel when I am around my spouse. He is one of the most intuitive people I have known in my life.
My conversation with mere mortals go something like,
“So, then I did this and that and went here and there… and bla and bla..”
My conversation with this person is like, SILENCE… “So, you know…”
“Yes, I do.”
And when he says he does understand what I say without me uttering a word, he actually knows it.
This feeling that someone knows what you are saying without you explicitly saying something is conversation. 

Kirtida Gautam is a clinical psychologist and author of the novel #IAm16ICanRape: The War Against Rape Culture
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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Madness of Monkey Dance

How many of you have heard the famous story from the Mahabharata in which Guru Dhrona asks all his students about the bird and the eye?
“What do you see when you look at the bird,” he asked.
The student answered, “We see tree, sky, mountain, bird, and the eye of the bird.”
Only Arjuna could answer correctly to the question. Arjuna answered, “I can’t see anything but the bird’s eyes.”
Guru Dhrona said, “Excellent, now, shoot!”
Arjuna shoot the bird’s eye.
Do you know in today’s time if the same test is taken and Arjuna will give the answer, I can see only bird’s eye, what will be the response?

That is the unfortunate reality of today’s time.  We postulate that mind works better when it handles too many things in parallel. WRONG.

It order to achieve the excellence of mind, the mind needs to be FOCUSED. That focus is an integral part of the success. But we don’t give the mind the opportunity to succeed. We flood it with so much data and irrelevant information and experiences that it gets confused and sits in a corner thinking.
Why am I doing what am I doing?
And this also ONLY if the mind is evolved.

More often, the mind continues its monkey dance without even realizing that it is going round and round in circles without achieving anything worthwhile.
We are forced to live a life where we go to work everyday to make someone very rich. The work, which is NOT our life business.
We buy things that hardly give us any pleasure.
We don’t have time to spend with our children and yet we claim to be the PARENTS .
It’s such a monkey show going on.
Worst part, the show is not even funny!

Kirtida Gautam is the author of novel #iAm16iCan