Tuesday, 19 January 2016

3 Things Every Reader Should Do

3 Things Every Reader Should Do

I have been a meticulous reader since the time I remember myself. I read books. I read magazines. I read blogs. I read sign board on road and advertisement hoardings if I don’t have anything else to read. Reading to me is like brushing teeth. If I don’t read any given day, I feel unhygienic.

And yet, till recent past, I didn’t write reviews or comments when I would read something. It’s only after I wrote my first novel and started interacting with readers I learnt how much an author values honest feedback.

Feedbacks are the backbone of writer-reader interaction. I love to hear from my readers and I want to know what they think about my work. It’s not narcissism. Quite the contrary! I hear even more intently if someone tells me something negative about my work. The reason is simple; writers live in their mind for most of the time. They shut out their system to the outside world to create a world that smells, touches, sounds, tastes, and looks real to the readers. And when they come out in the sunshine of real world it almost blinds their eyesight. They don’t know if the would they created is making sense or not.

It’s not just about fiction writing. A writing of any nature requires certain amount of introversion and mindfulness. It’s the demand of the craft. Even at this moment when I am writing this post, I have to shut out myself from the stimulants of my environment to figure out what exactly I need to be conveyed in this post and if I am able to do the task properly or not.
And here comes the role of the reader, if you are reading something, be interactive about your liking or disliking. Be communicative!

3 Things Every Reader Must Do:
  • Write review of every book you read
  • Write comment on the blogs you read 
  • If you are reading a book and you find something really good—a quote or a line or dialogue—tweet it and tag the author

The feedback of reader is more valuable to an author than the reader assumes it to be. Today I say this as an author :)

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  1. A simple and yet effective blog. I truly believe feedback and reviews are more valuable to any writer than the sell of their books.

  2. Not to mention, honest reviews might even increase the sale and hence the visibility of the book.