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5 Parenting tips for raising emotionally secure and healthy child

A key to leading a happy and stable life goes beyond financial independence; it also requires you to be emotionally competent and strong. Emotional independence is significant to boost self-confidence, to have less reliance on others, to reduce stress and promote happiness, to broaden your horizons and is essential for personal improvement and creativity.

Here are 5 tips on raising your child to be emotionally healthy:
   1. Never disregard your child’s emotions: be it a positive emotion or a negative.

e.g. “boys don’t cry”, “Strong boys/girls don’t feel scared”, “You are not supposed to get angry at your parents”.

Try to understand why they feel what they feel and explain them pros and cons of their actions, instead of disregarding their emotions. Tell them what can happen if they get too angry or keep crying or shouting, rather them telling them not to do so. Children love reasoning. If you can give them a solid reason for not doing something, they probably won’t do it. But if you want them to comply just because you are their parents, be ready for noncompliance.

It will make them acknowledge their own emotions and take responsibility for their actions.

   2. Show them your true emotions: this is as important as the above one.

Don’t try to be God in front of your child. Don’t misguide them by playing a superhuman to them. For a long time, they will believe it. They will think that being sad, angry or scared are the signs of weakness. They shouldn’t exhibit them because their parents also don’t display them. Again I am not advocating losing the family decorum and fighting like cats and dogs in front of your child. But do the right thing. Show them your human side and teach them how to deal with issues, rather than hiding them.

They will learn to control their emotions and deal with difficult situations.

   3. Give them power:

It’s a duty of the parents to discipline their children. But at times, you also need to empower them to stand their ground. If they don’t want to do something, ask yourself how important it is for you to actually make them do it. Choose your battle. Don’t force them to comply with all your demands. At times hear their argument for not doing something and let them win. If it is vital, then show the authority and make them comply. 

It will make your children stand for themselves, which will increase self-value and self-esteem in them.

  4. Don’t over protect:

Let them fall, but also, let them know that they have your back. Let them make mistakes and then teach them how to overcome. Prevention is not always better than cure.

They’ll learn to face their fears and will improve on their decision-making skills.

  5. Cultivate the habit of reading in your child: I will put this above all.

The way a highly paid jobs give you financial independence, reading makes you emotionally independent.

If you have a choice of cultivating one habit in your child, make them a reader. A person with a book never needs others just to kill the time. They have a book to give them company in their alone time.

By making your child a voracious reader, you are opening a huge platform for them to learn and expand their knowledge; also, you are giving them a hobby of a lifetime which doesn’t require anyone else to participate in and thus making them emotionally less dependent on others for happiness and peace of mind. 

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