Friday, 18 March 2016


I guess my 4 years old daughter can qualify as the youngest expert in the field of Transactional Analysis. Or may be on second thought, kids are BORN TO WIN
She wanted us to buy a white board for her. This is how she got it in 3 DAYS straight! 

We were returning back from Lake Tahoe when it started. In the car, she said 50 times (or more) I want white board. 
So, she used C- Child. "I want white board, I want white board...." 
To shush her up, I said, "Okay, if you go to school without creating fuss for a week, we will buy you a white board on the weekend." I used A- Adult. 
She responded from A- Adult: Okay, but not 5 days... 3 days. 

I like a fool, POSTULATED that we won't count days. She is a 4 years old. She will forget in a couple of days that she had done this negotiation. 

But to my utter surprise, on Wednesday she says, "Mummy, 3 days are over. Will I get my white board today?" 
I was like- What!!! 

Now, when she gets out of her school, she sees her Daddy. Her Daddy doesn't give up on his Child tantrums, so she hits the A- Adult directly. 
She from Adult Ego State- Daddy, where is my white board? It's the 3rd day. 
Daddy (Not expecting this)- Dear, we will get it on weekend. 
She from Parent Ego State (Notice the covert reprimanding)- I thought Daddy always keeps his promise


Result, Well!! 

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