Friday, 29 April 2016

Happy Birthday Pihu Nagaraju

Belated Happy Birthday Pihu Nagaraju. 
You were born on 13th March 1995 in the parallel world of Yin Yang Series.
Do you remember when both of you were children; Aarush would tease you that even your birthday is an evil and unlucky number— 13!
“I don’t believe in good vs. evil. I believe in both. And I believe in none.” You would reply in a placid tone, “There is nothing like lucky and unlucky. One person’s fortune can be another person’s misfortune and vise versa.”
How were you so wise? But as you ARE the wise one, let me ask you, “Do you believe in reincarnations? What do you think about Theory of Karma? Do you think no soul leaves this universe for eternity till S-He has finished what the Soul of Universe intended it to achieve? Do you believe souls leave the universe for eternity? What is the meaning of Ram Naam Satya Hai? Do you believe that we all are different manifestations of the same- DITTO- SAME thing? Do you think I am not different from the worse of the sinners and the most sublime saints?”
Oh my angel, tell me! Tell me what you think?
There is no wonder I am a member of #iLovePihu club— I might not get the answers, but I can ask you what matters the most to me. And so can #AarushKashyap!